Benefits of L-Carnitine
• Aids transportation and conversion of fats into energy.
• Boosts energy production and enhances endurance.
• Supports fatty acid metabolism.
• Increases maximal work output and exercise tolerance.
• Supports healthy cholesterol metabolism.
• Helps improve strength and growth of muscle.
Though not essential itself, L-carnitine is considered conditionally essential for many people who aren’t synthesizing as much as they need, such as those with angina or intermittent claudication. It plays a vital role in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria (the powerhouses of the cell) for oxidation and energy production.
Due to its fat burning role in the body, carnitine has been thought to be beneficial as a weight loss supplement and as a sports performance aid (to increase available energy and to spare glycogen). Therefore, researchers have investigated possible benefits that consuming L-carnitine could have on recovery from exercise, weight loss, and athletic performance.