• 100% WPH – Pre-digested clinical whey protein known as Sultan of protein
• Provide faster energy to reach your goal.
• Improves anabolic and anti-catabolic mechanisms.
• 26.0gm of high biological value whey protein,15.4gm of EAA’s and 5.3gm of BCAA’s per serving
• A protein that is Non-GMO, BSE/TSE FREE, Kosher and Halal certified.
• No added Flavour, Colour, Sweetener, Enzyme, Preservative and fillers.
• 100% transparent label- Non hidden ingredients
• With the goodness of curcumin-20.0mg per serving

RAW DAY 100% RAW& PURE WPH Pre-digested high-quality whey protein hydrolysate sourced from the most trusted manufacturer in Europe. During hydrolyzing, the protein is broken down into smaller fragments which are then easy to absorb and digest like D-Glucose so its help in faster protein break down which leads to faster energy release and recovery, each 32.0g RAW DAY 100% RAW& PURE WPH provides 26.0g of pure protein and 5.3 g of BCAA, 15.4 g EAA.