RAW DAY 100% RAW& PURE Soy protein isolate
• 100% plant protein from Soy known of prince of plant protein
• 28.5gm of high biological value plant protein,11.4gm of EAA’s and 5.5gm of BCAA’s per serving
• Suitable for Vegan and Lactose intolerant
• No cholesterol and saturated fats.
• Highest biological value plant protein with 1.0 PDCAA
• A protein that is Non-GMO,BSE/TSE FREE, Kosher and Halal certified.
• No added Flavour, Colour,Sweetner,Enzyme,Preservative and fillers.
• 100% transparent label- Non hidden ingredients
• With goodness of curcumin-20.0mg per serving

RAW DAY 100% RAW& PURE Soy protein isolate purest plant protein Soy protein Isolate supplies a high quality of protein containing all essential amino acids required for muscle growth.
• Soy Protein Isolate is almost fat free containing less than 1% fat unlike animal protein.
• Soy Protein is the most rich source of nutrition for vegan and lactose intolerant athletes with no cholesterol & saturated fats.
• Soy Protein Isolate delivers 28.5gm Protein, , 5.5gm BCAA,11.4gm EAA in 32gm serving with 0.5g carbohydrates & has the highest bio-availability among plant protein sources.